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Why Can’t I Get Rid of My Belly Fat?

Posted June 01, 2021 in Liposuction

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Belly fat can be unsightly and a constant reminder of your unsuccessful weight-loss efforts or unhealthy lifestyle. 

For many people, managing fat around the abdominal area can be hard. Here is why.

Woman grabbing her belly fat below a pink sports bra.

You Don’t Have a Diverse Work Plan

To successfully lose your belly fat, you should have an easy-to-follow but results-driven workout plan. 

Choose activities you like, aim to work out at least three times a week, and use a combination of exercise techniques such as aerobic/cardio workouts, abdominal exercises, and resistance training.

You Do Not Manage a Healthy Diet

Fat reduction cannot be achieved with exercise alone. 

If you want to lose belly fat successfully, adjust to eating fewer calories and fill your plate with more vegetables and body-building foods. 

Take note of the amount of sugar, sodium, and unhealthy fat you consume every day. When you keep an unhealthy diet, your workout efforts will be less rewarding.

You Lack a Workout Plan Entirely

Do you have workout activities planned out for the week? Do you regularly check your progress and make adjustments to make the routine more rewarding? 

You do not have to treat working out as another task you have to accomplish but make it an enjoyable part of your life.

You Are Stressed

Have you ever wondered why you tend to eat more junk foods when you’re stressed out? 

When feeling down, your body produces cortisol, making you crave sweet, fatty, and salty foods. You’ll end up feeling hungrier and eating more. 

What to Do When You Can’t Get Rid of Belly Fat?

Sometimes, even with a strict diet and consistent workout routine, it can feel near impossible to get rid of all the pockets of flab from your body. 

For individuals struggling with stubborn fat around the midsection, liposuction can permanently remove the unwanted fat, leaving you with beautiful contours.

What Are the Benefits of a Liposuction?

Liposuction enhances your body contours by removing unwanted fat deposits in localized areas like the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, etc. The procedure is safe and very effective at eliminating belly fat for a more flattering, slimmer contour.

Within a few days, you will be able to return to work and carry on with everyday life. More importantly, fat cells do not reproduce, so once eliminated, they will not return. 

To have the liposuction results last permanently, make sure to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, sleep until you are well-rested, and reduce stress.

Unhappy With Your Belly Fat?

Do not let stubborn fat in your belly keep you from feeling confident and like yourself. 

If you cannot meet your body goals despite your efforts, it may be time to consider liposuction. Contact us today at 716-631-1220 or fill our online form to schedule a consultation with Dr. Koch.