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Can Ear Surgery Make My Ears Smaller?

Posted May 06, 2021 in Ear Surgery, Otoplasty

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Having excessively large, protruding, or drooping ears can make your face appear disproportional. 

Young, beautiful Asian woman looking over her shoulder, wearing heavy gold earrings.

For many individuals, this can be frustrating and may trigger feelings of anxiety or make them feel insecure or unattractive. Children and teenagers are particularly vulnerable to emotional trauma when they experience ridicule or mockery from other kids.

While having large or prominent ears that stick out is entirely out of your control, cosmetic ear surgery offers the life-changing opportunity to restore ear shape and enhance the overall appearance.

What Does Ear Surgery Address?

Ear Size and Shape

Thanks to ear surgery—or otoplasty—individuals of all ages can sculpt an entirely new ear shape and correct various ear sizes or placement concerns for a more attractive and conventional aesthetic.

Deformities and Injuries

The procedure can also correct ear deformities such as lop ear, cupped ear, cauliflower ear, or shell ear to bring balance, improve appearance, and boost confidence.

Stretching and Aging

Otoplasty can improve the appearance of stretched or gauged earlobes. Even individuals with split earlobes (from wearing large, heavy earrings) can benefit from the procedure.

What Are the Benefits of Ear Surgery/Otoplasty?

Makes Enlarged Ears Smaller and Fixes Protrusion

For those that struggle with ears that are too prominent or those that stick out noticeably from the head, otoplasty can make your ears smaller and lessen the degree to which they protrude from the sides of the head.

Following the procedure, your ears will blend perfectly with other facial features for a more balanced facial profile.

Corrects Ear Deformities or Injuries

Reconstructive surgery corrects a number of congenital deformities and other ear malformations caused by injury or illness. The correction of these deformities—no matter how small—can significantly benefit a person’s appearance and self-esteem.

Gives Ears a More Natural-Looking Appearance

Ear surgery will correct any form of asymmetry or imbalance, whether unproportional ears, folded/cupped ears, or pointy ear tips, to restore a more natural appearance.

Increased/Improved Confidence

Individuals will enjoy increased self-confidence by permanently correcting and altering the shape of their ears.

Interested in Learning More?

The results of ear surgery are positively life-changing and can last a lifetime. 

If you are tired of having to comfort your kid after being teased or having to hide your prominent ears underneath hats, then you might want to consider ear pinning surgery. 

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