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Neck Lift in Buffalo, NY

Amherst Cosmetic Surgery Center / Le MediSpa

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Neck Contouring Overview

When you look in the mirror are you concerned about the appearance of your neck? Is there too much loose skin, excess fat or a turkey wattle? A neck lift can be performed to correct these concerns. It may be as simple as having liposuction. Sometimes a more involved approach is needed. Frequently, a neck lift is performed in combination with other procedures such as a facelift.

A complete physical exam will determine the contributing factors to your neck concerns. It is not uncommon that as we age, bands will appear under the chin area. In many cases this is related to a separation of the neck muscle known as the Platysma. The medial edges of this muscle are separate and will sag, making them appear like prominent bands. This can easily be corrected by performing a procedure known as a Platysmaplasty. An incision is made under the chin and the muscle bands are sewn together creating a hammock effect supporting the neck region.

A complete Neck Lift involves removal of excess fat in the neck region either by direct excision or liposuction. A Platysmaplasty to correct the sagging separated neck muscles. Finally complete undermining of the neck skin to allow it to redrape over the underlying tissues. Generally, this is done through an incision behind the ear and under the chin. If a Facelift is needed the incision is carried in front of the ear following natural skin creases to help keep the incision inconspicuous.

Many men are not interested in undergoing a classic neck or face lift. Another option for these individuals is direct excision. Direct excision of the excess neck skin is occasionally performed in men with moderate to severe skin sagging in the midline of the neck the so-called “turkey gobbler” deformity. This is referred to as a direct Cervicoplasty. The zig zag neck scar usually heals to be minimally noticeable.

After a Neck Lift when you encounter someone who has not seen you in awhile, they will think that you lost a significant amount of weight. No one will recognize that you have had surgery.