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RADIESSE® in Buffalo, NY

Amherst Cosmetic Surgery Center / Le MediSpa

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The aging process can reduce the natural fat pads under the facial skin, leading to a hollowed, sunken appearance. Dermal fillers, such as RADIESSE®, are FDA approved and designed to smooth facial wrinkles, creases, and folds by adding volume to specific regions of the face.

Nasolabial folds (the lines that extend from the corners of the nose to the edges of the mouth), and smile lines can be addressed by RADIESSE® injections. In some cases, the backs of the hands can also benefit from RADIESSE® treatment.


Patients who are concerned with facial wrinkles caused by the loss of volume, are in good health, and have realistic expectations can benefit from RADIESSE® treatment. Injections are quick and minimally painful.


RADIESSE® is administered using a very thin needle. An anesthetic is incorporated into the product to minimize discomfort. The results are visible immediately. The injectable gel contains spheres of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHa) that is absorbed by the body and metabolized, promoting collagen production over time. Eventually, the only component remaining is your body’s natural collagen.


Dermal fillers do not require anesthesia or incisions, so there is no downtime required. Some patients experience mild redness or bruising but this should dissipate within the next day or two. Most patients return to their daily activities directly after treatment.


This minimally invasive treatment can subtly plump and fill hollowed areas of the face to improve overall facial fullness for a year or longer. Additional treatments may be required to prolong your results.