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Category: Skin Care

Amherst Cosmetic Surgery Center / Le MediSpa

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Daily Healthy Habits to Preserve Naturally Youthful Skin

Posted August 27, 2019

Naturally youthful, soft, healthy skin is a common desire of most people, but it can be a challenge to achieve. Genetics, environment, stress, daily habits, gravity, and other internal and external forces can impact the appearance and texture of your skin. Our team in Williamsville, NY, has created a comprehensive list below of daily habits […]

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Eat and Drink Your Way to Clear, Healthy Skin

Posted April 12, 2017

Your skin tells the world what’s happening in your life. If you’re tired, your skin—especially around your eyes—will show it. If you’ve gotten too much sun or are overheated, your skin can offer clues. Your skin is also a reflection of your general health and well-being. Translation? What you put inside your body makes its […]

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Sonic Cleansing Brush Buffalo

Posted June 06, 2011

Super Sonic Boom – Same professional results, now available at home! Probably one of the best gadgets I’ve come across in a long time  is the hand held sonic cleansing brush; now available  at “home spas” everywhere! Originally used only in spas by estheticians, this patented cleansing system uses 300 movements per second to thoroughly […]

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Buffalo Skin Care

Posted March 24, 2011

SPRING (and Summer )TRAINING! Cold temperatures are gone!! Sunshine is on its way!! Get rid of dulling winter skin and go face forward into the spring and summer.  Here’s a few tips to help you get, feel and stay gorgeous: 1. EXFOLIATE – In my opinion, exfoliating is probably one of the most important things […]

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Skin Care Buffalo

Posted March 31, 2010

Skin Care Solutions:  DEPARTMENT STORE? DRUG STORE? MED SPAS……….OH MY! BUFFALO, NY – Where do you buy your skin care products? How do you know whats the best or right product for you? Are you feeling overwhelmed these days by all the products and their claims to to make you look 16 again? Never are […]

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