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Liposuction: Most Popular Procedure of 2016

Posted May 23, 2017

For years, breast augmentation has been the most popular plastic surgery procedure performed, with over 300,000 women undergoing the procedure each year. Breast augmentation has also seen a steady increase over the past decade as techniques and implant options help women achieve a more natural breast appearance. However, in 2016, liposuction finally overtook breast augmentation […]

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Can a Tummy Tuck Improve Stretch Marks?

Posted January 30, 2017

If you have redundant folds of skin around your midsection, you might be considering body contouring to help you achieve the physique you desire. Men and women may both develop excess skin around the abdomen for a number of reasons, the most common being weight fluctuations, aging, and in women, pregnancy. The most common abdominal […]

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Get Your Body Back With a Mommy Makeover

Posted July 13, 2016

After all that the female body goes through during pregnancy and nursing, it is little wonder that there can be permanent physical effects on the body. Sagging abdominal skin, deflated breasts, loose stomach muscles, stretch marks, and stubborn fat are all common among mothers’ bodies, especially for those who have had multiple pregnancies. If these […]

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