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Why Are More Baby Boomers Having Cosmetic Procedures When They Re-enter the Dating Scene?

Posted November 09, 2020 in Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Natural Plastic Surgery Results, Plastic Surgery

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The modern dating world is driven by visual engagement and first impressions. It is not uncommon for singles to make choices about potential dates as fast as they can swipe on their phone. The high speeds of the online dating world can be intimidating for aging baby boomers considering entrance to it. 

Happy middle-aged couple close together in an urban area.

Nevertheless, professional research shows that more men and women aged 55 and older are using cosmetic procedures to restore their youth and accentuate their natural beauty. 

Here are more reasons why baby boomers are finding life-changing benefits from plastic surgery and other cosmetic treatments. 

Traditional Surgeries Can Offer Conservative Approaches for Baby Boomers

Many doctors report that baby boomers are not looking for extreme transformations that result in unnatural-looking appearances. Rather, many simply desire to look as young and vibrant on the outside as they feel on the inside. 

Thankfully, board-certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Koch offer a wide selection of procedures that can be modified to achieve natural-looking, conservative cosmetic transformations. For older patients looking for something subtle yet significant, popular techniques, such as facelift surgery or neck lift surgery, can be modified to provide small changes to the natural contours and inherent beauty of their face and neck. 

Baby Boomers Can Receive a Variety of Treatments for a Variety of Needs

One of the greatest achievements of modern cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery is the ability to provide a full spectrum of procedures that solve the patient’s unique issues. This is especially true for baby boomers as they begin to face an assortment of concerns. For example, non-surgical options, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, injectable fillers, and microneedling, are great choices for baby boomers looking for non-surgical or minimally invasive solutions. 

As for surgical procedures, the 2018 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons suggest nearly 50,000 more cosmetic procedures were performed on those 55 and older, with an increase in surgical procedures like hair transplantation, liposuction treatment, and breast augmentation. Baby boomers also account for almost half of all eyelid surgeries and two-thirds of facelifts performed in 2018. 

Baby Boomers Can Restore the Confidence of Their Youths

Many experts in the dating world suggest that confidence is the most important factor when scoring a date. And for many, youthful-looking facial features or slimmer body contours helps build that confidence. 

For instance, arm lift surgery can restore the contours and silhouette of a patient’s upper body, perhaps allowing them to feel more comfortable in their favorite date outfit. In a dating culture where the first impression is so paramount, procedures like these can make all the difference. 

With procedures that eliminate unwanted or unflattering contours, baby boomers can feel empowered and encouraged once again.  

Interested in Learning More?

Men and women in their 50s and older who desire youthful transformations should seek a consultation with Dr. Koch to discuss plastic surgery or non-surgical treatments as a possible solution. Dr. Koch is driven by patient satisfaction and is happy to answer all your questions, address any concerns, and make you feel confident in your decision. You can schedule an appointment by calling (716) 631-1220 or filling out our online contact form.