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What Are the Benefits of Plastic Surgery During Stay-at-Home Orders?

Posted December 10, 2020 in Natural Plastic Surgery Results, Plastic Surgery Recovery

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The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on both our social and work life. Many people have been forced to stay in place and work from home to reduce the spread of the disease. While this has been inconvenient, there are still some advantages to this arrangement.

Happy middle aged woman working remotely.

First, you get to spend more time with loved ones. Secondly, you finally have the time to do the things you have been pushing aside because of a busy schedule. If you have been thinking about getting a cosmetic procedure done, now is a perfect time. 

Here are more reasons why this social distancing period may be ideal for scheduling your cosmetic consultation.

You Can Comfortably Work as You Recover From the Surgery

There is nothing better than taking the time to fully recover before you get back in an office/work environment. Unfortunately, most of the time, many plastic surgery patients are so concerned with the amount of time they can actually take away from their jobs that they rush this process.

Right now, you don’t have to worry about taking some days away from the office for recovery because you can still work from home while recovering.

Bruising, swelling, and pain will come and go as you comfortably take care of work demands from your bed or couch. Also, while we are socially isolating, you don’t have to worry about your appearance or anyone scrutinizing your bruises and swellings.

Most People Won’t See Your Transformation Until It Is Complete

Having your cosmetic procedure done now will give your body enough time to recover so that by the time you step back to the office, the transformation will be less obvious with no tell-tale signs of what work you had done.

You will appear transformed and youthful without anyone noticing that you had a procedure done.

You Can Have a Major Procedure Carried Out

Some plastic surgery procedures may require a lot of time to recover, making this the right time to have one. For instance, if you are considering a Mommy Makeover or breast augmentation, recovery time wouldn’t be an issue since you are spending more time at home anyway.

Additionally, with social distancing practices and putting on masks, patients can easily disguise their facial procedures. Therefore, this is equally a good time to have that facelift, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), or lip augmentation.

You will not rush the healing process, which will help to ensure that the incisions and scars heal correctly, leading to optimal results.

Recovery Tips

It is essential to make the needed arrangements before the surgery. If you have young children, arrange for someone to take care of them for a few weeks as you focus on your recovery. It also helps to arrange for a pick-up and drop-off ordering service that can be used when you need to replenish supplies.

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