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Category: Liposuction

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Get Your Body Back With a Mommy Makeover

Posted July 13, 2016

After all that the female body goes through during pregnancy and nursing, it is little wonder that there can be permanent physical effects on the body. Sagging abdominal skin, deflated breasts, loose stomach muscles, stretch marks, and stubborn fat are all common among mothers’ bodies, especially for those who have had multiple pregnancies. If these […]

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Do Fat Cells Grow Back After Liposuction?

Posted June 16, 2014

After puberty, the number of fat cells in the body will never change unless the cells are permanently removed with liposuction or injected into the body with fat transfer. When a person gains or loses weight, the fat cells simply shrink or expand accordingly, without increasing in number. Liposuction will permanently reduce the number of […]

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