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5 Tips for Recovering From Butt Augmentation

Posted June 15, 2020 in Brazilian Butt Lift

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A primary concern for many butt augmentation patients is the expected recovery stage. While recovery is never necessarily fun, this period is an essential part in the journey to your dream backside. Knowing what to expect after your procedure and what care will be required can significantly aid in making the recovery process smoother.

Backside of a woman with surgical lines drawn on thighs and buttocks

Here are some tips to follow for a quick and easy recovery process.

1. Get Adequate Rest

Recovery after butt augmentation requires sufficient rest. For the first two weeks, you will need to adjust your resting positions. During this time, you will want to stand, lay on your stomach, prop up your thighs with pillows, and rest on your sides.

You will be unable to place any pressure on your buttocks (except for going to the bathroom) during the initial recovery phase.

2. Restrict Prolonged Sitting Periods

Following surgery, patients should refrain from sitting down, bending over, or sleeping on their back until their surgeon gives them the go-ahead. While this may seem difficult at first, you have to learn to sleep on either your front (stomach) or sides during the recovery period. If you have to sit, invest in comfortable pillows that support your derrière without putting too much pressure on the grafted fat. 

Using a pillow or special cushion allows for better blood flow into the buttocks.

You can purchase pillows specifically designed for your butt augmentation recovery; however, some women find that boppy pillows (for nursing) are very beneficial when sat on as they provide support to the thighs without putting pressure on the buttocks.

3. Follow Your Postoperative Care Instructions

It is necessary to follow all of the postoperative instructions provided by your plastic surgeon to achieve satisfying results. This will include direction on wearing compression garments, pain management, and staying alert for signs of infection.

4. Avoid Exercise and Other Strenuous Activities

High-impact activities/exercises should be avoided for at least six to eight weeks after the procedure. Performing strenuous routines before you are fully recovered could affect the grafted fat as these movements may tear or stress the tissues. The new fat cells need time to settle within the tissues and heal. 

Walking, however, is greatly encouraged as it improves blood circulation, speeds healing, and improves the outcome.

5. Be Patient With Your Recuperation

The recovery period is critical for obtaining outstanding results. Don’t rush the process. Every patient recovers differently from surgery, so it is important to follow all of your surgeon’s recommendations to ensure you are healing well while avoiding complications.

Interested in Learning More?

These are just a few tips on how to make your recovery process as seamless as possible. To learn more about buttock augmentation and what it can do for you, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Koch. Contact us today by calling our office at (716) 631-1220 or by filling out our online contact form to make an appointment.