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What Is the Best Diet for Your Plastic Surgery Recovery?

Posted November 01, 2022 in Plastic Surgery Recovery

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While many potential patients think (and worry) about how to prepare themselves for plastic surgery (quitting smoking and drinking before their procedure, losing excess weight, getting plenty of rest, scheduling time off from work, etc.), not many tend to think too far ahead to what happens after their cosmetic surgery.

A beautiful array of healthy foods, including fruits, vegetables, and fish

Whether you’ve had a standalone procedure (such as tummy tuck surgery or liposuction surgery), or you’ve had a combination procedure (like Mommy Makeover surgery), the truth is that any type of plastic surgery will require a recovery period

The length of this recovery is dependent on several factors, including the type of surgery, the extent of the procedure, and how much dedication and focus a patient has on allowing their body to heal. One of the most important aspects of a patient’s plastic surgery recovery is the types of foods they put into their body during the days and weeks following their surgery. 

Below, you will find information on the foods that are good to eat as you rest and allow your body to recover as well as the foods you want to stay away from.

What Foods Should You Eat During Your Recovery?

Since we were in grade school, we’ve heard about healthy diets and which foods are the right ones to eat. The only real difference with those food pyramids you learned about and the diet you should maintain during your cosmetic surgery recovery is that you will want to make sure that you are sticking as closely to that healthy diet as possible after your procedure. 

Not only does your diet help you recover more quickly, but your post-procedure diet plays a part in the quality of your results. This makes it even more vital that you know what foods to put into your body and which ones to leave out. 

Here are some of the best things to eat and drink after your plastic surgery:

Fruits and Vegetables 

These foods are full of antioxidants and vitamins that help to reduce swelling and bruising, while keeping you healthy. Making sure to include berries, avocados, and dark leafy greens (like kale and spinach) can help you speed up your recovery and fight infection.


Eating lean means (like chicken, turkey, and fatless red meat) along with seafood help to give you the essential nutrients and minerals that are required to keep you healthy. A diet with lean meats can help to limit swelling and bruising, while also improving any scarring you may have.

Nuts and Grains

Nuts are a fantastic source of healthy fats that can help your body strengthen its immune system to fight infection. Nuts also help you maintain your muscle mass so that your body is healthy and able to recover more quickly and completely. Similarly, whole grains (bread, oats, and wild rice) provide the body with healthy carbs that can give you the sustained energy you need to let your body heal itself.


Though not a food, water is one of the very best things that you can put into your body (both during your plastic surgery recovery and any other time). That is because water keeps your body hydrated, which helps to fight off any infections that you may be more susceptible to. That is because it literally flushes the body of toxins while promoting better blood circulation

Water also helps with any wound drainage that you may have.

What Foods Should You Avoid During Your Recovery?

Just as you’ve been taught from an early age which foods are good for your body, you have also been taught which foods are not healthy. While you may desire comfort foods during your recovery, especially if you are comfortable and watching your favorite TV show, it is important that you keep your eyes set on your stunning results. 

While eating the right foods can help speed up your recovery, eating the wrong types of foods can definitely slow your recovery down and increase the chance of potential complications. 

Array of unhealthy, fattening foods.

Here are some foods to avoid as you recover from your cosmetic procedure

  • Foods that are high in salt
  • Foods that are high in sugar
  • Caffeine (including coffee or sodas)
  • Refined (or “bad”) carbohydrates (such as white bread and sugary breakfast cereal)
  • Alcohol

While you will not be required to give these types of food up permanently, it is essential that you do not eat them during the months following your procedure. However, it is a smart idea to limit their consumption during the long-term of your life, as well.

What Are Some Other Ways to Help Improve Your Recovery?

It is so important to understand that your body went through a serious traumatic experience with your plastic surgery procedure. Because of this, it is so essential to allow your body time to heal itself. This means refraining from any strenuous activity (including exercise, sex, and lifting heavy weight) until you are cleared by Dr. Koch

To allow yourself the time and space to rest and recover, you may need to have scheduled help (from a partner, family member, or friend) to go shopping, look after any pets and children, cook and clean, and help you get to and from your follow-up appointments

Additionally, making sure that you move your body is key to helping speed up your recovery. After a few days of resting, get yourself up and moving. Physical activity increases circulation and blood flow in your body, which helps you recover faster and healthier. You should begin with light stretches and short, slow walks. Over the next few days, you should extend the length of these walks, and once you are cleared by Dr. Koch, you can add in other non- or low-impact exercises, like cycling and swimming. 

Lastly, it is so essential to follow all of your postoperative instructions provided by Dr. Koch. This may include taking prescription medications and wearing compression garments.

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