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Top 3 Reasons for Implant Exchange

Posted July 13, 2017 in Implant Exchange

Implant Exchange Before and After PhotosHave you previously undergone a breast augmentation and still aren’t happy with your results? It can be frustrating to spend the money and time trying to achieve your ideal look only to have your procedure not provide you with the results you want. Dr. Koch sees many women looking to improve their breast augmentation results and recommends implant exchange if you aren’t happy with your breast appearance. These are the top 3 (but certainly not the only) reasons implant exchange may be right for you.

1. Poor Sizing

Ideal breast size varies among women because no two ladies have the same body type or shape. Determining implant size during the augmentation process is a delicate balance of your wants and your existing body proportions. 3D imaging is a very helpful tool in selecting the appropriate size before surgery. Sometimes, the wrong implant size is chosen, resulting in dissatisfaction with breast size after augmentation. You may feel that your breasts are now too large for your frame, or you may still feel that your breasts are too small. With an implant exchange, we can switch out your current implants for ones that will better provide you with the bust size you desire.

2. Implant Damage

Implant damage can occur at any point after your augmentation, whether within the first year of having your implants or 10 years after your initial procedure. While most implant damage is due to age-related wear and tear. Damage to a breast implant can cause a leak or rupture that will result in a deflated, empty breast. If you have saline implants, ruptures are more immediately noticeable, whereas silicone leaks may not be as visible and may require an MRI to diagnose. It is important to exchange damaged implants as soon as possible to preserve your health and the aesthetics of your breast. Newer gel implants are available that will not leak.

3. Unattractive Appearance

As with determining your size, choosing the best implant type and placement for your breast augmentation is based on a number of factors. The wrong choices for your needs and body type can contribute to an unattractive breast appearance. Saline implants may cause visible rippling in some patients, silicone implants may result in prominent implant edges in others, and subglandular placement may create a more noticeably augmented appearance. Dr. Koch will help you determine which implant factor is causing your unattractive breast appearance and will make a recommendation on how to fix it. Sometimes just the implant type needs to be changed. However, changing the placement of your breast implants can also change the positioning and shape of your bustline.

You can find more reasons for implant exchange on our breast revision page. If you would like more information on the implant exchange process or to schedule your breast consultation, you can call Dr. Koch’s office today at (716) 631-1220, or you can contact us online.