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How Can I Get My Breast Implants to Drop?

Posted April 05, 2022 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Implant

3 Minute Read:  During your breast augmentation consultation, your plastic surgeon probably mentioned that your implants would rest higher on your chest at first and then drop into a more natural position over time.  This process is known as “drop” and “fluff” and will happen as the surrounding breast muscles relax and the skin stretches […]

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Why Is a Stable Weight Essential After a BBL?

Posted March 01, 2022 in Brazilian Butt Lift

4 Minute Read:  One of the biggest misconceptions about plastic surgery is that it is simply a permanent miracle fix. So many people think that you can have your procedure and that’s it, no more worries, no more fuss. And while plastic surgery offers an amazing opportunity, since you are able to sculpt your body […]

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Get Rid of Your Double Chin by the End of Winter!

Posted February 21, 2022 in KYBELLA®

3 Minute Read:  Both men and women can struggle from the presence of a double chin. It’s just one of the many natural effects of aging (and can even be genetic), and while it may be unsightly and cause people to feel embarrassed and self-conscious, there is a fix: KYBELLA®. In winter, it’s really easy […]

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Why Can’t You Exercise Right After Liposuction?

Posted December 01, 2021 in Liposuction

3 Minute Read:  Liposuction involves the removal of excess fat deposits in the body through a small incision. After the treatment, the skin and muscles will have been weakened by the procedure. Therefore, it is important for patients to give their skin sufficient time to heal after surgery.  For optimal results, it is important that […]

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