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How Can I Get My Breast Implants to Drop?

Posted April 05, 2022 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Implant

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During your breast augmentation consultation, your plastic surgeon probably mentioned that your implants would rest higher on your chest at first and then drop into a more natural position over time. 

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This process is known as “drop” and “fluff” and will happen as the surrounding breast muscles relax and the skin stretches to accommodate the size increase.

What Does Drop and Fluff Mean?

Drop and fluff are casual terms that refer to the process implants must go through following breast augmentation. 

“Drop” refers to the gradual downward motion of the implants as they move into the proper position, while “fluff” describes the way the implants fill out the bottom pole of the breast. 

How Long Does Drop and Fluff Take? 

Immediately after your breast augmentation surgery, your breasts will be swollen and positioned higher than usual. Tight chest muscles and skin contribute to the high position of post-implant breasts.

As swelling decreases, your implants will gradually fall and settle into place; in many cases, the implants should reach their final position around six weeks after the procedure. 

However, there will still be some more settling into the surrounding tissues that continue for up to three months, as the implant fills the breast pocket.

Implant Placement, Size, and Texture Can Impact the Completion Time for Drop and Fluff 

breast implant diagramLarger breast implants with a smooth surface  will often drop faster than textured implants as the friction between the implant and surrounding tissues commonly slows the process.

Having the implant placed above or below the muscle will also affect drop time, with implants placed under the muscle often taking longer than those placed over the muscle.

What if One Breast Is Dropping Faster Than the Other?

It’s very common for one of your breast implants to drop faster than the other. This is nothing to be concerned about. With time, your implants should settle into a balanced, even position.

How to Speed up the Drop and Fluff Process 

There are some steps you can take to speed up the drop and fluff process. Always consult the surgeon before you begin either of these methods.

  • Ask your surgeon about wearing a breast band to guide the implants gently.
  • Breast massage is recommended on occasion to prevent complications after breast augmentation, and it also encourages the tissues to relax. Your surgeon will advise you if massaging is necessary. In most cases, it is NOT necessary.

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