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What Is an Arm Lift and Why Are More Women Getting Them?

Posted September 15, 2020 in Arm Lift

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Arm lift surgeries are some of the most beneficial plastic surgeries to date. This surgery is designed for individuals with minimal to severe skin laxity under their arms that distorts their physical contour and makes many self-conscious about their appearance. Once the excess skin is removed, arm lift surgery results in a sleeker upper arm contour. 

woman standing with outspread arms

The arms are notoriously difficult to tone, and this challenge only grows as you age, and your tissues begin to weaken. Instead of having to accept the “bat-wing” appearance that many women develop later in life, arm lift surgery provides a natural-looking solution. 

Arm lift surgery can be performed alone or in combination with liposuction for more significant fat removal.

Here are some reasons why arm lifts are becoming one of the fastest-growing plastic surgeries among women today.

Why Do Women Choose Arm Lift Surgery?

Arm lift surgery uses advanced and precision-based techniques to make sleeker arms a possibility for anyone. 

According to expert sources, arm lifts have significantly increased over the past 15 years, thanks to the advancements of new technologies and techniques. These breakthrough techniques have made it possible for women with more significant amounts of laxity to benefit from skin and fat removal when, in the past, it would not have been as possible. 

The advancements of arm lift techniques have also made this surgery more appealing to women who have experienced significant weight loss (through diet and exercise or gastric bypass). Major weight loss creates many unprecedented and unexpected changes to the body, and demand for body contouring treatments (such as arm lift surgery) has seen a significant increase as more individuals learn that plastic surgery can achieve their skin tightening needs. 

What Are Other Reasons More Women Are Choosing Arm Lift Surgery?

Thanks to the growth of more fitness-based lifestyles, more women are becoming concerned about the shape of their arms. However, with this fitness revolution comes the realization that there are some things women cannot change no matter how hard they work out. 

Sagging arm tissue is one of these unavoidable occurrences. No matter how hard some patients exercise or how disciplined their diet is, laxity still remains. 

Thankfully, modern arm lift surgeries can be specialized to accentuate their underlying muscle tone without taking away from the athletic and “in shape” silhouette they have worked so hard to achieve. Arm lift surgery is tailored to the patient, ensuring that every woman achieves the amount of correction she needs.

If more extensive body contouring is required in areas like the midsection, some patients may want to consider a tummy tuck surgery or other body contouring techniques.

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