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What Are Some Lesser-Known Reasons for Breast Surgery?

Posted November 02, 2021 in Breast Enhancement, Breast Surgery

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Even with the increased popularity of body contouring surgeries and anti-aging facial surgeries, breast surgery is still a gold standard of plastic surgery. 

And while many patients assume breast surgery is only performed to enlarge the breasts (with breast augmentation), reduce the breasts, or lift the breasts, this is far from the truth. 

In fact, there are many reasons for breast surgery that have nothing to do with these common issues.

Women with uneven breasts, covering breasts with hands.

Breast Surgery Can Be Chosen To:

Correct Previous Breast Surgery Complications

While breast surgery and breast implants are safe, complications can occur (during or years after the procedure). One of the most common complications associated with breast augmentation is capsular contracture. This condition occurs when the scar tissue surrounding the implant hardens and contracts, squeezing the implant and causing significant discomfort. 

Capsular contracture can be corrected by removing the implant and the surrounding scar tissue. This is known as a capsulectomy.

Implants can also shift in the breast pocket, requiring an additional surgical procedure. A breast revision procedure can be performed to address common displacement issues like bottoming out, double bubble deformity, or symmastia. 

Additionally, breast revision or breast implant exchange can be selected if you are displeased by your previous breast results in any way. This can be done after breast augmentation, breast lift surgery, or breast reduction.

Reduce the Areolas

When hormones and weight issues hit — often after pregnancy — areolas might stretch and enlarge in size. Breast surgery helps adjust the areola back to a natural-looking shape and size.

Reposition the Nipples

Sagging of the skin happens anywhere on your body. And the nipple is no different. As the breasts start to sag, nipples might fall and start pointing downwards instead of pointing outwards. Breast surgery can help reposition your nipples.

Breast surgery can also be performed to correct inverted nipples.

Correct Congenital Breast Defects

Some breast issues revolve around the breast not developing properly during puberty. Tubular breasts are one of these conditions. This condition occurs when the breast tissue lacks volume horizontally and vertically, leading to a long, tubular breast shape. 

Breast surgery can address this issue and create a more natural-looking breast.

Enhance Symmetry

Uneven digression of breast tissue can result in asymmetrical breasts as you age. Asymmetrical breasts can also be a breast development issue. 

Breast surgery can be done on any breast to match the elevation and shape of the other breast.

Do Men Get Breast Surgery?

Yes. Some men have a condition called gynecomastia that causes excess tissue and fat growth in the breasts. Many men choose to have surgery to correct this condition.

What Should I Expect After Breast Surgery?

Shortly after your surgery, you will need to follow some instructions to ensure the best results. This includes wearing a support bra and elastic bandages to minimize swelling. 

You will also be given a prescription for pain medications, so you don’t have any significant discomfort.

Why Is Cosmetic Breast Surgery a Good Choice?

We all deserve to feel our best, but sometimes we need some help to get there. If your breasts aren’t the shape you want them to be, cosmetic breast surgery offers correction to any concern you may have.

Interested in Learning More About Your Breast Surgery Options?

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