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Smart Peel Buffalo

Posted February 07, 2011 in Chemical Peels


Lighten, Brighten and Tighten!

BUFFALO, NY – Tired of the fads, hype and “fashionable” skin care treatments and ingredients nowadays?  Introduce yourself and your skin to the positive and visible results of a Benev Smart Peel and Smarter Peel.  A unique layering science that allows you all the results and benefits of a peel,without the downtime.  Benev products are developed, formulated and manufactured in their own FDA licensed lab under FDA manufacturing guidelines.  Only pure concentrated formulas of pharmaceutical quality are used.

I, the skin specialist at Le Medispa, have personally done this peel on myself and cannot believe the results!  I have had alot done to my skin being in this industry and this is the first time I’ve seen and felt this level of tightness and the clarity is amazing!  I did experience a “sloughing” or “rolling off” of my skin, but nothing that kept me out of the public eye. My makeup applications, pore size and absorption of my daily products has greatly changed.  What an amazing philosophy of doing a chemical peel.  Even if you have never had one or have had 100, the Benev Smart Peel will leave you saying “WOW!!”

Call and book a consultation for a full assessment of your skin.  Experience and see what this peel can do for you!