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Liposuction Bested Breast Augmentation in 2020 Rankings: What Happened?

Posted January 04, 2022 in Breast Augmentation, Liposuction

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With new years comes new rankings. Many people love to see how their favorites have changed. While we don’t always know the specifics of why rankings for certain procedures or technologies change, there are many theories and stories about why rankings fluctuate.

Surgeon drawing body contouring lines on woman's stomach.

One interesting observation from last year’s rankings data was the shift between liposuction and breast augmentations. In previous years, breast augmentations have outranked liposuction, but in 2020 this switched.

What Could Have Contributed?

Body contouring procedures like liposuction gained popularity in 2020. This was not because of any breakthrough technology, but rather because gyms and health clubs were not as easily accessible as they once were due to the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning many people gained unhealthy amounts of weight while staying indoors.

However, there are many other reasons why people choose liposuction. Liposuction is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery out there today because it can remove stubborn fat and make it easier to tone stubborn areas. Since fat takes up a lot of space in the body, removing even a small amount can make someone slimmer and healthier overall.

Is Liposuction the Choice of a New Generation of Women?

It appears (at least statistically) that many women changed their priorities when choosing between breast augmentation or liposuction. While previous generations seemed more likely to consider their physical appeal, current women seem to consider their physical appearance alongside their health and wellbeing. 

Additionally, breast implants have seen their fair share of negative comments. The fallout from the 2019 Voluntary Breast Implant Recall is still being felt

This recall was announced by the FDA after the agency determined that some commonly used implant types — BIOCELL® textured saline implants — were associated with BIA-ALCL, a rare form of lymphoma.

This concern may have prompted some women to wait on their augmentation.

Are Breast Implants Safe Now?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the FDA announced new requirements for breast implants manufacturers, including:

  • A requirement for manufacturers to develop patient decision checklists that will be included with their products. These checklists must include information on known or reported risks. They must also include an updated summary of product characteristics (SPC) and labeling, as well as a list of approved uses for each product.
  • The FDA also announced it was taking action against some companies that failed to provide data requested during product reviews on a timely basis. The agency is requiring these companies to provide all existing data related to their products by July 2019 — or face having their product banned from the U.S. market.

Taking time with your plastic surgeon to carefully review your options can help you make an informed decision about options for breast augmentation or reconstruction that meet your needs and goals.

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