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Life After Breast Implant Exchange: What Will It Be Like?

Posted August 10, 2020 in Breast Implant Removal

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Dissatisfaction with your breast augmentation can result from postoperative complications, a poorly performed surgery, or implant choices that don’t properly complement your body’s natural shape. 

Woman pressing silicone implant. Demonstration of the reliability of silicone breast implant.

Many women who are considering breast implant exchange may have questions about what life will be like after she has her implants exchanged. 

Implants that are better adjusted for patients’ bodies in terms of comfort, aesthetic, and function can be much more enjoyable during different aspects of life. Here, we will explore how lifestyle choices after breast augmentation and breast implant exchange will change for the better, whether it is wearing the form-flattering clothes you want or enjoying the shape and size of breast implants during athletic events. 

Improving Your Health

Many women find themselves more likely to attend the gym or commit to physical activities in public thanks to their better-fitting breast augmentations. When women are pleased with the way their breasts look, they may be more motivated to make sure that the rest of their body maintains its shapeliness.

Sometimes, exercising can be difficult for women with implant complications or poorly-chosen implants. This is because faulty breast implants can lead to discomfort or make women self-conscious—a chain reaction that may discourage them from attending a gym or exercising. 

A lack of exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle will only exacerbate the unattractive nature of one’s physical appearance. Thankfully, with the help of a breast implant exchange, women can find a restored sense of confidence. Gym clothes, such as sports bras and other athletic apparel, may also fit better, adding to the quality of an active lifestyle. 

Dressing for Your Life

Many women who have never had large breasts find themselves enjoying the quality of their wardrobe immediately after receiving breast implants. With a breast implant exchange, you can get back to exceeding your own expectations in terms of the clothing that your body can now make sensual and flattering. 

Whether it is a new dress for Valentine’s day, a wedding, or a hot new date, many women find themselves trying clothes they never could wear prior to having their breast implants or their revision. Beach clothes will also benefit your new figure, accentuating your curvy silhouette, and catching positive attention from onlookers. 

Confidence and Life-Changing Happiness

Many women describe their breast implant exchange as a journey that has made their life more fulfilling and happier overall. 

While they may need new bikinis, dresses, and sports bras, they no longer need to feel discouraged, ashamed, or depressed about how they feel about their breast appearance.

Having something go wrong with your original breast implants may be an emotionally painful or traumatic experience, depending on the severity of the complication. Once completed, breast implant exchanges can restore a woman’s life to how it was before the complication occurred. 

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