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KYBELLA® in the News

Posted March 10, 2016 in KYBELLA®, Non-Surgical Treatments

Since earning FDA approval early in 2015, KYBELLA® has been gaining traction in the media for its ability to slim down double chins without surgery. KYTHERA® Biopharmaceuticals developed KYBELLA® as a series of injections for adults with moderate to severe fat below the chin, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive since its release. Several major networks and publications have been buzzing about this innovative neck-sculpting treatment.

KYBELLA® on the Today Show

NBC’s Today Show hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford were as skeptical as anyone about KYBELLA®, so they brought in a plastic surgeon to perform the injections on two actual patients, on live television. The doctor explains his prepping procedures, why the patients are ideal candidates, and what the patients can expect with treatment as he administers the KYBELLA® injections.

Clinical Studies of KYBELLA®

In ABC’s featurette, a dermatologist breaks down the most common questions about KYBELLA®, citing that the drug has been thoroughly studied in 19 clinical trials over nearly a decade, with more than 2,600 initial patients. She also explains how the drug eliminates chin and neck fat by essentially acting as the deoxycholic acid (a fat-burning molecule) already found in our bodies. KYBELLA®’s active ingredient destroys fat cells by bursting the cell membrane, giving long-lasting results as the dissolved cells are absorbed and metabolized naturally by the body.

KYBELLA® in Major Publications

A USA Today story cites a survey in which an overwhelming 70% or participants identified chin and neck fat as a top cosmetic concern. The takeaway? If your double chin bothers you, you are not alone. KYBELLA® is the non-surgical solution for those who want to trim down their neck and give the appearance of a slimmer face. Each treatment session only takes about five minutes, but KYBELLA® is not recommended for patients with loose folds of skin on the neck, as the intention is to treat excess fat, not excess skin. KYBELLA® isn’t ideal for other parts of the body either because too many injections would be needed to eliminate larger amounts of fat, so other fat-reduction methods would be more efficient.

A New York Times article profiles a 51-year-old woman whose double chin affected her self-confidence. After participating in a clinical trial of KYBELLA®, she noticed a dramatic difference after three injection sessions and three years later, she’s still happy with the results of her treatment. Although risks and short-lived side effects do exist, KYBELLA® appeals to both women and men as a no-knife option for getting rid of that stubborn roll of fat beneath the face.

Why KYBELLA®’s Publicity is Well-Deserved

  • Unanimous vote of approval by FDA
  • Essentially permanent results, regardless of weight elsewhere on the body
  • Minimal side effects and risks, little down time, no bandages

Intrigued by KYBELLA®? If you have stubborn fat under your chin that won’t go away with diet and exercise alone, KYBELLA® may be a viable solution. Dr. Koch was the first to provide KYBELLA® in the Buffalo area. Give our office a call today at 716-631-1220 to set up your KYBELLA® consultation, and start your journey to a slimmer facial profile.