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Chemical Peels Buffalo

Posted February 02, 2010 in Chemical Peels

To Peel or not to Peel…that is the question

“They just shooed me away from the buffet”, says a black veil wearing Samantha in Sex and the City after she got her chemical peel.

This does not, I repeat, does not have to be the case!!!

Chemical peels receive a bad name, while in fact they are the best anti-aging, skin changing, non-surgical treatment out there.  The first step to receiving a great result is finding a qualified establishment and most importantly a qualified skin care specialist/esthetician.

Ask questions…it’s your investment into your skin and IT’S YOUR FACE!

  • How long has your facility and esthetician been doing treatments?
  • What will these treatments do to my skin in the long run?
  • What results can I expect a day, 3 days, a week after my treatment?

It’s important to know that every person’s skin and their expectations are going to be different.  Chemical peels can be done on most people; however, a full discussion, with your esthetician about what you are looking to achieve is necessary.  In my 15 years (10 of which are with LeMedispa in Buffalo) I  have worked on people that have amazing skin to acne/acne scarring to sun damaged skin all the way to deeply wrinkled skin.  All having results that ranged from improved skin to dramatic differences.

You may ask, “What will I look like?” or “Do I have to hide?”…the answer is NO!

I always tell people that there is a peel for pretty much everyone.  You can be lightly or mildly refreshed to where you may expect some “down time” to achieve a maximum result.  Again, depends on you and your skin.  Everyone is different and should be “peeled”as an individual.  When one type or one percentage peel is used on everyone, that’s when potential problems can happen.  Don’t let this happen to you.

Educate yourself, ask questions and talk to a qualified skin care professional to help you age, slowly and gracefully, without the help of injectables or even surgical procedures.

Call 631-1221 or email me,, to learn more and take the first non-surgical step to a beautiful you!!!

-Tanya, Senior Esthetician