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Can Plastic Surgery Make You Look Like a Celebrity?

Posted October 04, 2017 in Natural Plastic Surgery Results

Reflection of woman checking her skin in bathroom mirrorWith a quick online search, you can find headline after headline talking about the human Barbie, or how a man paid hundreds of thousands of dollar to look like Justin Bieber. While these are extreme cases of celebrity look-alike plastic surgery, the question is still common in more mild ways—“Can you make me look like this person?”

The short answer is, probably not. Most people want only an aspect of a celebrity, like the nose, lips, or cheeks. But setting your expectations for your plastic surgery procedure is more involved than trying to look like a certain person.

Focus on Your Facial Anatomy

Your general anatomy plays a primary role in the type of enhancement we choose for your surgery. When correcting the nose, adding implants, or placing injectables, we want to add to your features. If you don’t have the similar facial structures as the celebrity you want to emulate, chances are altering your nose to match theirs won’t give you the results you desire. In most cases, you’ll simply end up disappointed. It’s better if we make changes that highlight your facial anatomy.

Natural Results Are Goals

While you may want dramatic results, what’s important is that your final appearance looks natural. Nothing is worse than obvious plastic surgery. You want your beauty to look like your own. Your surgeon will make suggestions as to what the best techniques are for your needs, and all changes should be in balance with your facial features. Beautifully flawless results are what we strive to achieve.

Have Realistic Expectations

Thinking your plastic surgery will help you look like a specific celebrity gives you unrealistic expectations. While referring to celebrities for the shape, definition, or size inspiration during your consultation is fine, you should expect your surgeon to recommend changes that fit with your appearance.

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