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Botox vs Dysport Buffalo

Posted November 23, 2009 in BOTOX® Cosmetic


BUFFALO, NY – Ever since Botox Cosmetic received its FDA approval on April 4, 2002, it has been an overwhelming success.  It is the number one nonsurgical cosmetic procedure being performed worldwide.  This was the only product of its kind until April 30, 2009 when Dysport was introduced into the marketplace. Both Botox Cosmetic and Dysport are produced from Botulinum toxin type A and are highly effective in reducing facial wrinkles. These products act by blocking the effects of acetylcholine on the neuromuscular receptors, temporarily preventing muscle contraction. Without contraction of the muscles in the treated area wrinkles cannot be formed.


The onset of Dysport is reportedly quicker, within 1-2 days whereas Botox Cosmetic take 3-5 days. It spreads more easily allowing less injections when treating a longer area such as the forehead. Initially it was felt to be less expensive. This is true for cost per unit. However more units are needed to achieve the same results as Botox Cosmetic. In the long run Botox Cosmetic is probably less expensive. The last issue is longevity. Unfortunately, there have been no controlled studies to determine which product lasts longer. Both products will probably last 4-6 months but this is site and individual specific.

How well Dysport will measure up against Botox Cosmetic is yet to be seen. The answer to this question will be answered as Dysport becomes more widely used. The introduction of a new neurotoxin is good for the marketplace.  Competition will probably help to drive the cost lower. This will allow the patient to pay less for their treatments. Already Allergan, the producers of Botox Cosmetic, are offering rebates and points for purchase program that have brought down the cost to consumers.

Dr Todd Koch