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The Best Bra Following Your Breast Augmentation

Posted January 04, 2017 in Breast Augmentation

Did you know that the type of bra you wear following your breast augmentation can significantly impact the quality of your results? Bras are all designed differently and meant to help your breasts in a range of ways. During your initial recovery, you should aim for security and comfort rather than looks. While you may want to jump straight into new, sexy lingerie, wearing a more basic bra can provide you with better results in the long run. Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect bra following your breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

Immediately Wear Your Surgical Bra

Many doctors will provide you with or will suggest a good brand of surgical bra to wear immediately following your breast augmentation. Surgical bras are ideal because they are comfortable and easy to wear, especially while you are still changing your bandages on a regular basis. Surgical bras are designed to provide adequate support without squeezing the breasts.

Sports Bra for Four to Six Weeks

After a week or two in your surgical bra, you can transition into a sports bra. It is important that you don’t wear underwire bras during this time. The underwire can irritate your incisions, causing them to heal poorly. The ideal sports bra should fit snugly but not extremely tight. You want to provide support to your healing breasts, but too much pressure can displace your breast implants in the breast pocket.

Ditch the Push-up for up to Six Months

While most major swelling begins to subside around six weeks, your breasts will still be settling into their final position for several more months. Push-up bras can displace breast tissue, which may affect the position of your breast implants. Wear bras that allow your breast tissue and implants to rest in a natural position to ensure better long-term results. Besides, most women won’t need a push-up bra in the months following their augmentation because of the new volume and cleavage their procedure provides.

Find Your Confidence

After six months, your incisions should be healed and you can wear other bra types again. Take this opportunity to try new styles of bras. Go and get measured to ensure you are wearing the proper bra size. Pick out something fun and sexy. The goal is to feel amazing about your new body. You’ll be surprised how a new, luxury bra will help you feel.

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