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Implant Exchange

Dissatisfaction with your breast augmentation can be the result of postoperative complications, a poorly performed surgery, or implant choices that don’t properly complement your body’s natural shape. Women who are dissatisfied with their breast augmentation may choose to replace implants that aren’t providing them with their ideal aesthetic.

The Benefits of Implant Exchange

  • Achieves the breast size you desire
  • Improves the shape of your breasts
  • Corrects postoperative complications that may cause pain
  • Restores your confidence in your breast appearance

Reasons for an Implant Exchange

Poorly Sized Implants

  • Implants that create larger or smaller breasts than you envisioned
  • Implants that are too large or too small compared to your frame and create an unbalanced appearance
  • Large, heavy implants that cause back and neck pain

Unattractive Appearance

  • Visible rippling or wrinkles under thin breast tissue
  • Visible edges around the implants
  • Implants that sit too high on the chest
  • Lack of definition or cleavage

Implant Rupture or Leak

  • Saline implants may rupture due to trauma or wear on the outer shell
    • Saline ruptures are immediately noticeable; the breast takes on a deflated, empty appearance
  • Silicone implants leak slowly over time
    • Many patients don’t know if they have a silicone implant leak; an MRI is often required to diagnose a ruptured silicone implant

Capsular Contracture

  • Capsular contracture is the constricting of the scar tissue that naturally forms around the breast implant
  • In severe cases, the implants must be replaced in order to remove all the scar tissue
  • Textured implants may be placed to help prevent future capsular contracture from forming

VECTRA Imaging

Breast revision patients seeing Dr. Koch for the first time can greatly benefit from the use of VECTRA® 3D imaging. The VECTRA® XT is a 3D imaging system that simulates your possible results. By analyzing patient anatomy and measurements, this system allows you to see what you would look like with various implant sizes. Imaging technology is a crucial part of your consultation because it provides a glimpse at your post-surgery body. This realistic image allows you to choose an implant size that will give you the look you desire. This is highly beneficial during the revision process to help patients choose new implants that will provide them with the look they envision.

What to Expect During Recovery

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: While most major swelling subsides after six weeks, minor swelling may still persist. This minor swelling can affect the appearance your breasts. Unless it is medically necessary, it is recommended that patients wait at least a year after their original augmentation before undergoing revision surgery.

A: During an implant exchange, your original incision location is utilized, if possible, to avoid creating any additional scarring.

A: Yes. A poor breast appearance may be caused by poorly placed implants. Many women will choose to have their implants moved under the muscle during revision surgery to achieve a more natural breast slope.

A: As long as you are satisfied with the results of your revision surgery, your results should be long lasting. Future complications or natural wear to your implants may require additional correction in about 10 to 15 years.


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